My Story :)

Like most kids, I grew up watching Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Scooby-do, Jungle book or just about anything funny and creative that caught my fancy. Still in school, I was unaware of the

complexity behind cartoon film production yet something inside me stirred. Something that

prodded me to be part of a world so vivid and imaginative, a field where I could let my

imagination run wild, and free. It was during those long hours of TV watching that the seeds of animation were first sown; soon I would embark on a career in it.

Soon enough, films Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Deep Impact, The Mummy, Harry Potter series and Lord of the Ring series, doled out enough visual effects to satiate my appetite. I knew where my future lay but was unsure about how I go about it. Hailing from a small seaside city of Visakhapatnam, choices for higher education were limited. Animation was still an emerging field and there were no proper degree-offering courses in Animation not just in my hometown but throughout my State (province) as well. Left without much choice, I was enrolled into a Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science and Information Technology. However, my interests lay elsewhere.

It was during my third year of under-graduation that I enrolled for a certificate program

in Animation. This was my first encounter with Animation and Visual Effects software.

I gained knowledge in Computer Aided Illustration - CorelDraw, Digital Image editing - Adobe Photoshop and the motion graphic software - Adobe After Effects and Video Editing software - Adobe Premiere Pro.

After mastering, I focused on learning Autodesk Maya, a 3D software. In Maya, I acquired skills in polygon modeling, texture assignment and 3D Lighting. In addition to that I gained knowledge in key framing, path animation, expression blend shapes, character posing, dynamics, particle system, rendering and ray tracing effects.

They say practice makes man perfect, and I ascribe to this maxim. I practiced several exercises in digital creations and compositions while also engaging myself in different self-motivated and college projects. A major part of my academic time was invested in developing my skills in various software. The efforts did not go waste. My designs for the college poster (that adorned the notice boards of several technology institutions throughout India) and souvenir released during my Alma-mater's national-level inter-college fest won over the hearts of my faculty members and I was awarded a memento as a token of appreciation.